Wally the walrus and the great storm – Demo


The participants follow Wally on his journey, helping him overcome challenges by programming Morse code with a micro:bit while learning about the environment and the history of telecommunications.

Topics covered

  • Foundations of programming
  • The history of Morse code, the compass, and the walrus in the Atlantic
  • Connected devices

General objectives

  • To know the universe of Wally and the GénieSphère.
  • Learn about the history of walruses in Canada. View the walrus route in Canada
  • To know the history of Morse code and the use of signals to communicate
  • Visualize the timeline of signal communications and the creation of the telegraph
  • To become aware of programming
  • Learn about programming concepts
  • Familiarize students with the micro:bit hardware and the MakeCode platform
  • Discover new vocabulary
  • To make students aware of the use of Morse code call for help messages
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